Once upon a time I wrote a story. A long, epic story about second chances and ancient warrior princess and the power of true love.

And it’s now posting exclusively on Radish on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. To check it out, all you need to do is download the Radish app and search for “Butterfly Ops.”

If pushed, she could pick up an SUV, lob it across a football field, and still beat it to the other side. But being that close to him for the next several weeks and having to watch him and Miss Desk Job hit it off?

Nope. Not strong enough at all.

#UrbanFantasy #Romance #Paranormal #SecondChance #WarriorPrincess


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  1. The chapter 33 is identical to 32 so I paid to read the same chapter over again. What gives????

    • Hello again! I know we just corresponded via FB as well, but as this will most likely be an issue for others as well, I wanted to say, first, THANK YOU FOR READING! (Apologies for not saying that the first time around. 🙂 )

      But, second, I am SO SORRY and am looking into this. I don’t have direct access to the file so therefore can’t fix it immediately, but I hope to have an answer (and solution) for you soon.

      Thank you again for letting me know about it, and I will post both here and via our FB correspondence as soon as I have an update.

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