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When you have a new book

Obviously the new book will need a page, or perhaps will be added to one of your series pages. Pro tip: you can duplicate any page on your site if you want to work that way. Go to the "gear menu" by hovering over the target page in your PAGES menu. A little gear will appear. Click that. Scroll down. Use the duplicate button. The duplicated page will appear in the "not linked" section of your site, so you can work on it in private.

What else is that gear menu for?

The gear menu controls some things about each page's behavior. You can "disable" a page there if you want it to be invisible to visitors. You can password a page. You can make a page your home page. Check it out. Also, under "Advanced" there's a code injection spot. This is where you can put any code that should only affect that page only. (This is rarely used but occasionally handy.)

What are those pages doing down in "not linked?"

The "not linked" part of your site is super useful! We are warehousing your blog entry there. We are also warehousing all your covers in a gallery. When you have a new book, put the cover in this gallery. Important: you must also link the new cover art to its destination page. Double click on the thumbnail and find the link spot in "options."

This style sheet is also in "not linked."


Your Squarespace website is running a Squarespace template called "Naomi" which is part of the "Pacific" family. This information may someday be useful to you if you're spelunking in the Squarespace help documents. Anything they write about "Pacific" will also apply to you.