Publication Schedule

September 24, 2018 ~~ Butterfly Ops, Book One

Coming in Spring 2019 ~~ Butterfly Ops, Book Two

Coming in Summer 2019 -- Butterfly Ops, Book Three

What else is on the horizon? So many books, so little time...

The CALLING IT series: Does Wash get a book? How about Jason? And what about Cal? Yes, yes, and yes. But if you ask me when, I'm going to have to say to check back here. :) And as long as we're chatting about upcoming books, there's also a spinoff series in the works featuring the DONELLI BROTHERS. Can't wait? Called Up comes out in paperback at the end of November. Preorder it now!

The St. HELENA series: This was formerly part of the St. Helena Vineyard Kindle World and is no longer available. However, I will be revising and re-releasing all three novellas in this series and will update this page when a timeline is in place.

And there are also some entirely new things coming up. In addition to the BUTTERFLY OPS trilogy (dates noted above), I've got a whole new set of muses calling out to me from Montana's BITTERROOT VALLEY.  If you like cowboys, cowgirls, and country music singers then you're in for a treat. Check back here for more info.