The TV Update

I watch TV. A lot. And I tend to have thoughts. If I watched these shows in real time, I’d just tweet along. However, since I watch them on the DVR weeks (sometimes months) later, that just ends up being a little weird. The problem, however, is that all these thoughts end up crowding my already-too-crowded brain. So I decided that since I have a blog, why not use it… Right??? So here goes…

[Warning: potential spoilers ahead.]

Magnum: I can’t say I loved it, but I also didn’t dislike it as much as everyone else seemed to. It definitely had a little bit of that first episode/high expectations sluggishness, but as far as my TV requirements go, it’s more than ok to serve as background during my work from home days. And I just watched the second episode today and really enjoyed it—it felt like there was more of a groove among the actors and I actually forgot it was a remake for a little while. Plus, Hawaii 5-0 crossover! So, yeah, I’m in.  

Lethal Weapon: I know a lot of people dropped it after the whole Clayne Crawford situation. And I have to agree, I’m as disappointed as the next fan. Onscreen, he was the perfect Martin Riggs—and the chemistry with DW was, let’s face it, awesome. MG/DG-worthy, in fact. (Although, Lordy, I just read an article about the circumstances of CC’s departure and, well, it appears that they are both very good actors if their actual feelings for each other are what they appear to be.) Offscreen, well, he did serve as my inspiration for Drew in Breathe. Also, to be honest, I’m not a huge Seann William Scott fan. Never have been, although his “Establish dominance” scene in The Rundown was, possibly, one of the greatest of all time. Given that I remember how wary we all were of the remake in the first place, however, I was willing to give it a chance. And I am so glad I did! I’m sorry they… [Okay, I won’t spoiler it, but I know that we all know that Martin Riggs is no longer a character in the show.] …no longer have Martin Riggs on the show. But, dayum, did they manage to exceed expectations of the introduction of SWS’s character! And the meet cute between him and Murtaugh. AND the Murtaugh story line just all on its own. 

So, yeah, I’m in. 100%. So happy to have this show back!

Jack Ryan: Did you watch it? Wasn’t John Krasinski AMAZING? And Wendall Pierce? Actually everyone was fantastic. That show was 100% responsible for eight hours worth of treadmill time. So good. I can’t wait for its second season.

The Voice: I love Kelly Clarkson. That is all. 

World of Dance: I’ve always been a So You Think You Can Dance fan, and hadn’t really gotten into this show last year. But my daughter did, and towards the end of the summer when she was preparing to go away to school, I was willing to watch almost anything she wanted to. WoD took all of one episode to hook me to the point where, even after she left, I kept the final few shows on the DVR even after losing all interest in SYTYCD and just deleting those. And, oh, my lord was it worth it! Some of the troupes that particularly caught my interest: Desi Hoppers. Poreonics. S-Rank. The Ruggeds… (And those were just from the older group.) HOW DID THEY DO THOSE THINGS WITH THEIR BODIES???? Paula Abdul was actually fun to watch, and Jennifer Lopez??? I loved her so much! I didn’t really have strong feelings about her one way or another before watching this show, but she was wonderful, especially with the younger acts. And I loved NE-YO and Derek Hough, too. I will definitely be looking forward to this next time it comes around again.

A Million Little Things: Okay. I’m not among the billion people who watch This is Us because I can’t deal with shows that make me cry no matter how good they are. (Except for Parenthood, but, wow, that one took a lot out of me.) So why, on earth, would I watch A Million Little Things? I have NO IDEA, except that it’s Grimm plus Psych plus Office Space guys and Kono! But, OH MY GOD, was it good. Chills, upon chills, upon chills. Not sure I’ll be able to see it all the way through, but yeah, I was totally sucked in.

I think I’ll leave it there for now, but I’d love to hear your thoughts as well. What are you watching these days?