cover design

And Here We Go...

THREE MONTHS FROM TODAY my debut book comes out. Wow. It's still hard to believe. It was a little less hard to believe on Friday, when I received a draft of the cover in my inbox and it was...spectacular.

I've heard horror stories, I have to admit. And although I had absolutely zero ability to explain what I hoped it would look like, my expectations were high:

  • Sexy, but not so embarrassing that I couldn't show it to my kids, or post it on Facebook where my friends from, say, high school will see.
  • Something that somehow showed baseball, and Iowa, and the couple I'd fallen in love with (and hope everyone else will, too) without being heavy-handed about showing baseball, Iowa, and the couple I'd fallen in love with.
  • A cover that I liked enough that if it weren't mind, I'd add it to my "Judging A Book By Its Cover" board on Pinterest (because, yes, we all do).

Oh, and although I didn't realize they'd come hand in hand, I wanted the amazing title that I hadn't quite been able to come up with on my own.

Well, guess what, folks. The Carina team delivered. BIG time. Several days later, I still pull up the picture on my phone so I can look at it and cry.

So, thank you, Heather Goldberg and crew. There will be other books and other covers, but this will always be my first and it will always be incredible.